A low-noise amplifier (LNA) is an electronic amplifier that amplifies a very low-power signal without significantly degrading its signal-to-noise ratio. An amplifier will increase the power of both the signal and the noise present at its input, but the amplifier will also introduce some additional noise. LNAs are designed to minimize that additional noise. Designers can minimize additional noise by choosing low-noise components, operating points, and circuit topologies. Minimizing additional noise must balance with other design goals such as power gain and impedance matching.

Dioon Technology LNAs are found in radio communications systems, medical instruments and electronic test equipment. A typical LNA may supply a power gain of 100 (20 decibels (dB)) while decreasing the signal-to-noise ratio by less than a factor of two (a 3 dB noise figure (NF)). Although LNAs are primarily concerned with weak signals that are just above the noise floor, they must also consider the presence of larger signals that cause intermodulation distortion.

NOPart No.minimum Frequency (MHz)Maximum Frequency (MHz)Typical Gain (dB)Gain Flatness (±dB)Typical Noise Figure (dB)Typical Out P1dB (dBm)Typical Out IP3 (dBm)Return Loss in (dB)Return Loss out (dB)Operating Voltage (V)ConnectorData Sheet
1LNA-1-8000-SF1800024 to 12__2.51124> 10> 103.3SMA Female
2LNA-1-20000-SF12000013.51.53.81729> 10> 108SMA Female

3LNA-10-1000-SF10100025 to 20__12337> 10> 105SMA Female
4LNA-10-6000-SF10600018.51.21.42031> 10> 165SMA Female

5LNA-20-3000-SF20300019.50.61.22032> 12> 185SMA Female

6LNA-40-800-SF40800220.812439> 15> 155SMA Female
7LNA-40-6000-SF406000160.63.61426> 12> 105SMA Female
8LNA-50-8000-SF5080001613.81225> 10> 85SMA Female
9LNA-100-2500-SF100250025 to 14__0.72135> 10> 155SMA Female
10LNA-100-3000-SF100300025 to 10__0.82034> 12> 125SMA Female
11LNA-100-4000-SF100400025 to 9__12034> 9> 145SMA Female
12LNA-200-4000-SF200400025 to 7__12238> 10> 155SMA Female
13LNA-300-20000-SF3002000017 to 12__2.81426> 10> 87SMA Female

14LNA-400-3200-SF400320025 to 8__0.51735> 10> 173.3SMA Female
15LNA-500-2500-SF5002500200.412133> 12> 185SMA Female

16LNA-500-7000-SF5007000210.91.52032> 12> 106SMA Female
17LNA-500-12000-SF50012000171.22.51425> 8> 105SMA Female
18LNA-800-8000-SF80080001812.21628> 10> 126SMA Female
19LNA-1000-18000-SF1000180002613.52332> 12> 1212SMA Female

20LNA-1200-2500-SF1200250023 to 17__0.51832> 12> 105SMA Female
21LNA-2000-18000-SF20001800027 to 16__2.21424> 8> 85SMA Female

22LNA-2000-20000-SF20002000013.51.52.81628> 10> 108SMA Female

23LNA-2000-28000-KF2000280001612.51526> 10> 125K Female

24LNA-3000-20000-SF30002000013.51.52.41426> 10> 107SMA Female

25LNA-4000-12000-SF40001200026 to 20__1.61424> 10> 155SMA Female
26LNA-6000-18000-SF600018000130.84.51828> 10> 105SMA Female
27LNA-8000-20000-SF800020000220.32.21218> 10> 103.5SMA Female

28LNA-8000-26500-SF800026500220.82.21118> 8> 103.5SMA Female

29LNA-18000-45000-KF180004500026 to 20__3.81222> 8> 82.5K Female

30LNA-20000-36000-KF20000360001912.5512> 8> 83.3K Female

31LNA-24000-32000-KF24000320002422.41222> 10> 102.5K Female

32LNA-24000-40000-KF240004000026 to 20__2.51222> 8> 82.5K Female